Exciting times

What a change my life is experiencing in the last months! Every day I´m having to deal with lawyers, architects, engineers… (luckily no doctors, although “Ms.Flu” came to visit us this week…). It´s just wonderful to have a goal in your life, it helps you with not straying when things turn difficult. My new job is amazing! Hopefully the amount of work with pick up soon, but I must admit I still miss my students in Pamplona…


More hobbies

I love cooking (and eating, I´m basque!!). My favorite celebrity chef in UK is Rick Stein. He´s hugely enthusiastic and transmits very well the experiences he lives while cooking during his journeys (you can find his videos on youtube, worth watching!). I also like Jose Pizarro, who I was lucky to meet during my time working as a chef in Harrods. In Spain, Arguiñano is my favourite communicator, very practical and direct. But away from celebrities (for the time being)…my favorite chef is by far Jose Luis García Mascaraque, MI MAESTRO. He now runs the restaurant-school VIVA TAPAS BAR in Valencia… xxx More next week


Esta es una de mis granja-tiendas favoritas en Reino Unido: knitsleyfarmshop.co.uk

I love farms, I feel very privileged because I live in a cottage on a mountain near Bilbao. Here’s one of my favourite farmshops in UK: knitsleyfarmshop.co.uk
For those of you who don´t know what a farmshop is I would describe it as a combination of a farm, a shop, a restaurant and a classroom where workshops related to fruit, veg, plants and cookery take place… More next week… xxx