Presentations in class are a great chance for students to express themselves in their own words. Sometimes I have to give them a topic but I love it when they just start talking about something that´s in their minds at the time… The other week they were telling me about the constrains of building an extension of the roof in San Mamés, the difficulties of connecting 2 towns via a tunnel under the sea, self-driving electric cars… I love it! In Pamplona I used to ask my students to prepare a topic for homework and then I would record them and prepare a report on what needed correcting… their commitment to doing a good speech was amazing, we all enjoyed the rehearsed speeches so much! Always clapping at the end…We learned about ways to travel to Mars, why a plane works, how to produce craft beer… all of them so enlightening and entertaining!!

So, try rehearsing a speech about a theme you are interested in, get an audience to present it to, you´ll gain confidence and your level of English will undoubtely benefit…xxx More next week.




Games are great for learning English. I use them in all my classes. Students love “Story Cubes” (making up stories according to the aligned images on the sides of the dice set), modifying sentences (changing them quickly from positive, negative, question, past, present and future), translating phrases and words from Spanish to English… Competition is great, “players” enjoy so much being drilled! Sometimes they even come out sweating from the effort! But it´s so much fun that you almost forget you´re learning English…xxx More next week