The importance of resting


Resting is necessary. Stopping for a bit to have a break, to reflect on what you´ve done so far, to analyze where you are now and how far you´ve reached and also, to look ahead and consider the next step.

In our lives we go through stressful patches at which we´re so occupied that we think everything will get out of control if we stop. But stopping is precisely what helps us continue on the right track.

Last week one of my students told me that our 2 hour class was like an oasis on his work schedule!… I had to laugh, because my students can´t exactly relax at my classes!! But they enjoy the “sort of” pause we have when they take turns with mini-presentations…a tiny chance to rest!!

Ideally, we´d all take a week holiday once a month if we were given the opportunity, we all like a rest after all! But even at the busiest times, a short break will help us move forward with a clearer mind…xxx…More next week









Reading in English regularly is essential to maintain your level. It doesn´t have to be set as a task, it can be a small advert on the internet, a short piece of news, a review of a new film, something you´re interested in…

Just by reading we recognize a lot of words we have studied in the past and without noticing, we are revising the vocabulary we know, so it comes back to our brains and we can use it again…

I´ve always liked reading. In London, reading was what made commuting by tube enjoyable. Whenever I forgot my book, I looked in the wagon for an abandoned newspaper, magazine, leaflet… as I found the journey so boring without something to read… I didn´t dare to read books on my first year in UK, I thought they would be too difficult but once I started I was amazed at how much I enjoyed reading a book written in the original language of the author…

Remember: something brief, but regularly, just 5 minutes every day, you´ll see a difference, I´m sure!….xxx… More next week

Do your best!

Versión 2

I love teaching! Every single one of my students manages to impress me in every class… It could be by giving odd excuses for not doing the homework, by making up stories just because they sound so much better when told in English (some of them are such good actors!), by getting into a heated discussion during a role-play that entertains everyone in the class… so often they´re so clever!!

Sometimes they´re picky with each other, which makes it challenging for me as, from my point of view, in every single one of my classes, every student tries to do their best. Being direct is the best way to tackle rivalry between students. I can see how all of them are willing to participate in every class and I´m always pleased to give everyone the chance to express themselves as much as possible during the sessions.

I believe we´d all do our best when given the right conditions, why shouldn´t we?…. xxx More next week.




Believing gives you power, strength… believing in yourself makes you unstoppable… Resistance wanders around us, holding us from what we want to achieve but if we believe in ourselves firmly, what we desire will come, sooner or later…

A sentence from my favorite songwriter (Paul Waaktaar from A-ha) remains in my head from my teens, “if you don´t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you”… And I know for a fact that this is true. We sometimes become our own enemies, building barriers around ourselves, invisible and impenetrable, not allowing many good things to reach us but, once we are aware of them, once we are prepared to face the challenge, the miracle happens…

Children play believe and they enjoy, they´re happy… can we as adults do too?…xxx More next week



It makes all the difference. You get the answers, whether it´s a YES or a NOT… Because indecisions wear you out…

You can try looking for solutions or try to find a solution, try searching for options or try to work out the best option…but if you don´t try, you´ll never know…

Some activities related to learning English can be daunting, I get whatsapps from some of my students saying that watching videos on TED is too tough…but I believe that from any activity you try, you get something in return, even if it´s just a 10% of the video that you managed to understand, that 10% is very important indeed!

Learning is a process, you don´t progress in a straight line, just like life, it takes its route, but you must keep on trying, as this is the only way to move forward…xxx…More next week