Treat yourself!

Find the time to dedicate to your loved ones and yourself! Yes, you´ll get other things delayed, maybe postponed, but you won´t regret this quality time you honor yourself and these very special people around you.

I have my own VIP´s, these unique little people in my life who deserve my full support and attention. There seems to be something wrong with society these days, adults not spending enough time with children, kids hours long in front of TV and video games, not enough discipline, principles, values but…how can we as adults compete with the thrill of a video game? Well, let me tell you, WE CAN! And believe me, up to a certain age, the vast majority of children would rather spend a morning out in town with their parents (or just one of them, and also with a relative) than 5 hours in front of a TV.

My students tell me that their kids rule the TV in their houses (another excuse for not watching TV content in English when I suggest it as homework) and I say “…but, who´s in charge in your house??”… Children can teach us so much if we just allow them to…xxx…More next week


1 thought on “Treat yourself!”

  1. Completely true. We must manage our lives and deal with our kids’ least till a certain age. Spend more time toghether is what they need, not sweets or sophisticated toys. Sometimes they may tell it us. But, are lucky the parents who don’t have a job and can spend more time with them? Contradictions? A balance would be better, if possible.

    Me gusta


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