“Pick your own” shed, where you are given a basket to take to the strawberry field and once you´ve picked up some strawberries return to, in order to have them weighted and pay for them so you can take them home and eat them!  
Newcastle, UK, December 2015

Obeying rules, nodding without wanting to, copying others´behaviors… We´re bored of abiding to the system, of doing what is supposed to be correct, of sticking to the book…

Challenge should be at the top of our “must do” everyday list. Always present, always in mind… Surprises and unexpected events do appear, it´s true, and we´re taken by them, but we shouldn´t be just there, waiting…

My students participate freely in the whatsapp groups, they´re excited with them! I remember the post I wrote on January 1st about New Year Resolutions and now, seeing how things are turning and how they are using English as a normal thing in their life, fills me with such joy…!

We´ll take it forward, set a limit high enough to never be able to reach it, learning can never be complete! We will carry on learning day in day out, there´s just so much for us to enjoy!!….xxx…More next week




My house in London, from 2002 to 2011


Points of view differ, what seems ok to me might not be so for you… Some people seem to find faults everywhere, even where there´s nothing wrong at all…
Respect is a powerful word, an extraordinary word to keep in mind at all times. We all seem to know the theory but putting it into practice is another story.
My students are wonderful, the advantage of spending so many hours with them is that they get to know you and are confident enough to ask you more direct questions. I was happily surprised when I asked a group to form a sentence with the word “unique” (a false friend in Spanish) and one of them replied: “our English classes are unique!!”
My dedication during a class is complete. If I see a student checking his/her mobile, I would direct the next question to him/her, as a way of showing that, for me, this is a lack of respect, and definitely not something you should do in class!
If we were to list the number of cases of respect and lack of it we witness everyday, would you say there is an imbalance between the first and the latter? Should we be more aware of the way we behave?….xxx… More next week.



Street sign of an English famshop, Kent, December 2015


My students don´t want our English classes to finish, they ask me about the summer break, many want to continue, they don’t want to stop with their English learning, I´m delighted!

Some have booked extra classes for the summer, others are already talking about September, they´re always grateful for the emails I send them with articles, the whatsapps with info to check, I love keeping in touch! And they do too!

The world keeps turning, events happening every day, news bombarding us with atrocities taking place in every part of the world, there´s no time to sit down and relax, we can never stop!

Knowledge is king, the more we learn the more powerful we feel, the more prepared we are to challenge whatever might come… We just have to stand up to it, roll up our sleeves and confront the world!…xxx…More next week