Fireplace in an English pub, Newcastle, Christmas Eve 2015


The world around us molds us into the persons we become. We learn things, study one course or another and look back thinking if we´ll ever use all that knowledge in our lives…

Nowadays society expects us to be perfect, perfect house, perfect partner, perfect job… For youngsters not having a university degree is unthinkable. On a telephone class, one of my students told me about how some members of his family felt obliged to study History at uni, for the sake of having a degree. He explained to me how they struggled with it and how happy they are now developing careers in jobs which have nothing to do with their studies. Was it pointless to waste 5 years at uni? Yes and no.

I read an interesting interview with Naomi Watts about how circumstances in life shape us, how her need to adjust to many different schools as a child turned her into a great actress… It´s all part of the plan, some of us stay in our “cosy prisons”, some others strike, break the mold, the rules… and don´t give a damn about what others expect from us…xxx…More next week


2 thoughts on “EXPECTATIONS”

  1. I have always wanted to dedicate myself professionally to education. At the beginning, my parentes didnt agree with me because they preferred a job related to economy or administration for me. They considered that a job belonging to the educational field was going to turn into a difficult situation to find a place where working. I didnt take any notice of them, due to the fact that I was absolutely sure education was the best path to develop my personal abilities towards my self realisation. It is essential to know yourself in order to choose the best option, regardless social or family expectations. Nowadays, they, as well as me, are satisfied not only for my decision, but also for what I have worked to achieve my goal.

    Me gusta


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