Changes on an English street over the years. Walbottle, Newcastle upon Tyne


It´s simple to interpret dreams, they give us clarity in many ways. If we stop and analyze them, they´ll give us a perspective of a given problem so we can start getting ready to face it.

Living in a dream is a different story. Given the choice, reality very often seems discouraging, dragging us down and pushing us away towards a dreamed world…

I dreamt last night that I was in danger, still felt it moments, and minutes, after waking up…

Uncertainty about the future stumbles us, we panic, worry, unsettle, feel unease… But we shouldn´t, as this is something that wears us out, and it doesn´t help us think clearly…

We must live our lives as they come, step by step, we´ll never be ready at all times to confront every issue, sometimes we will, sometimes we won´t, but no doubt life will give us a further chance, until we overcome it and the next chapter starts… xxx… More next week





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