Clock tower in Hyde Park, London. August 2017


We all have it, it´s there for all of us, available to enjoy and also, to waste. A luxury when pleasant, an agony when in pain…

Time is here to make us brighter, wiser, experienced, more clever… We go through life choosing what best to do with our time, deciding how to manage it to our benefit, arranging schedules, tasks to be done, subjects to learn, activities to enjoy…

The end of summer is a time of sadness, a time to start planning the next academic year, to get ready for the long winter months but, still, a time of warm and long days to enjoy sunsets and spend time outdoors…

Time is given to us equally, it´s granted to all of us in the same quantity, we all have 24 hours in a day, if only everything else in life was!!…xxx…More next week


(the picture used on this entry was kindly donated by my dear friend Txaro, thanks so much!!)



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