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We all start the new year full of hopes and wishes of a happy new year full of new energy and success. Learning, improving, getting fluent at English is so often on the list of us spaniards New Year´s resolutions… And we usually start strong! But this eagerness must persist and we should really set our minds to it if we want to be successful. My wish for this year is to be dynamic, continue learning… I learn English everyday, I communicate in English with every single one of my contacts who knows at least a little bit, friends, family…By whatsapp, email… I invite you to do the same, use English in your everyday life, treat it as a normal thing, we are surrounded by this language in so many ways these days! News, TV, radio, videos on Facebook, ads on LinkedIn… Truth said, it´s practically imposible to avoid it!! 2018 will bring us lots of good things, I´m sure! So,let´s make the English language enrich our lives! And don´t give up if you try one method of learning English and it doesn´t work for you, everyone has their own way of learning, the key is to NEVER give up!… xxx… More next week

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A night of dreams is coming, of visions, of joy… Of hopes to be fulfilled, of wishes to make true… The magic on the night of the 5th of January is present in our country. We treasure these memories from our childhood, from our kids´ childhoods and expect with eagerness to feel the same emotions…

I wish you all to sense that magic around in your life, however often it appears… The drive that moves you to experience success, in every possible way you understand that word…

Best wishes and happy Reyes!… xxx… More next week

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Christmas and New year are a time to reflect and renew. A time to look at our lives, the way they´re going, and consider the turn of the year as a date to start putting into practice changes to redirect, straighten up, aim, align our paths onto the desired direction…

The truth is that whether we want it or not, our lives are constantly changing, despite unwillingness, resistance, coziness… There will be unannounced events taking us by surprise and forcing us to react and make a move…

It´s always good to have a plan, a setting off idea of what we would like to do, combining what we already have and what we want to achieve.

I have many plans for the new year, I know some will materialize and some will turn into something completely different but I´m looking forward to being confronted with new challenges and opportunities in order to further renew my life. Are you?…xxx… More next week

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In my job I can see how much we all like chatting. Any topic can trigger us to begin a discussion. The same piece of news will give us a chance to express an opinion while the person sitting next to us could have a completely different one…

To be an English teacher is a wonderful opportunity to talk to many different people about as wide a range of topics as you can imagine. An amazing way to enrich your life, the language is just an excuse! The fact that you can learn so much from sharing some hours with students from such assorted backgrounds is incredibly rewarding and satisfying…

Some students tell me how they find chances to practice chatting in English while doing the St. James´s walk, on the way to Santiago. It´s a well known fact that this pilgrimage can be a relief for the soul… Do you chat much in your everyday life? Can you find ways to practice your chatting and at the same time improve your level of English speaking? I invite you to look for opportunities to do it, you´ll enjoy it, for sure!!… xxx… More next week

(this photo was taken in mid-November at my weekly conversation group in Cruces-Barakaldo, Bizkaia)



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It´s tough sometimes to get it right, to find the accurate words, the best explanation to a question, query, doubt…

Finding the perfect definition to clarify a point takes practice.  Experience plays the part here, it helps when you have done it before but very frequently, we teachers, are faced with brand new tests that make us wonder what the appropriate way to making something clear is. The funny thing is, the same explanation doesn´t always work for everybody!

I have students rehearsing speeches and very often, struggling to repeat the exact words they have prepared. Others finding resources in grammar books to explain a rule that doesn´t always go by the book… or can be twisted somehow…

It´s great when we nail it! Superb! But until we get there, until we have the confidence to reach that point, there´s no harm in asking for help. A second opinion will reassure us and will always be worth the time… xxx… More next week




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My students ask me what the fastest way to get fluent in English is… Well, no secret formula really, persistence, tenacity, being constant and dedicating time to it…

It´s often said that the best way to learn English is by living in an English speaking country for a while; “total immersion” they call it. The truth is that we can simulate this experience here, in Spain, if we really want to improve our level. How? By being exposed to the language as much as possible, either by listening to the radio or tv, by reading, by attending conversation groups…

While living in UK, I forgot most of the Euskera I had learnt in my previous years in Bilbao. Since coming back, little by little I´ve recovered my level by doing interchanges with local people (weekly hour coffee breaks, 1/2h speaking in English and 1/2h in basque), attending conversation groups and listening to the radio and tv as often as I can. Anyone living in Pamplona or Bilbao will tell you that getting immersed in an Euskera environment is actually a personal choice but if you´re really willing to, you have many chances to do so.

So please, think about it this way, imagine that every day you could be transported to London, New York, Sydney, Otawa… Dedicate at least 20-30 minutes a day to get immersed in the English language, as if you had to do it in one of these countries, forcing yourself to manage, to get by, to make a living…. Give it a go and see what happens….xxx… More next week

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Our stories help explain and clarify to others so many issues in life! We all have many stories to tell, experiences life has brought us that make us understand situations in a different way, through a clearer prism, providing a color which substantially changes our conscience…

I very frequently use stories to help my students integrate an idea because, as it often happens in my own case, I understand it so much better!!

I used to make mistakes while I was learning English (I still do!), I couldn’t get over the problem of saying “people is”, direct translation from Spanish but then, I managed to correct this bad habit by remembering the lyrics of the Depeche Mode song “People are people“, and this is the story I tell my students to help them correct it too!

“Read More”

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One of my favourite words, defined simply and precisely by my truly inspiring teacher Fitz, in Madrid last year: a MOTIVE for ACTION…
Multiple reasons push us to do what we do every day: duties, rewards, the thrill of the challenge… But too many pull us back too!! It’s just so easy to get distracted nowadays… I love Tim Urban’s video on TED about procrastination. I must admit I very often (all the time, really!) leave things for the last minute…
I chose Motivation as the topic for my End of course presentation on my Business Management studies in London, comparing Maslow’s theories to my own experience working at a dead end job for a big company… I found out that money was very rarely at the top of people’s motivation.
My question is: What’s your motivation for mastering the English language? Send me an email and let me know!!!…xxx….More next week

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Puzzlement is often seen around when I start classes with new groups. Getting used to the Vaughan method takes a bit of time… But students soon get the hang of it and once they´re used to it, they like the high pace very much.
When new situations appear, we are often shy, embarrassed, reluctant to ask about something we are not familiar with, we don´t want to look silly asking stupid questions but, from my own experience, it´s better to ask than to sit wondering… Saying something like “would you mind explaining that again?”, “I didn´t quite get that, could you please go through it one more time?”, “please, excuse my ignorance”, I often use this last one myself, and the answers are always greatly welcomed because…I´m not expected to know about everything!!!! I´ve lived without a TV for the last 16 months, lived away from Spain for 12 years, there´re many things I´m not aware of, but my attitude is positive!! I´m open to learn if someone is prepared to clarify things to me!!
So please, don´t hesitate, ask any doubts, questions, unanswered matters, don’t leave room for guessing (well, maybe in games), you´ll save so much time and effort!!!…xxx…More next week

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A shop in Camden Town, waiting for some action…London. August 2017

The start of the school year brings us a new opportunity to achieve new goals. We opt between possibilities, for one reason or another, and we enroll on whatever course we think more appropriate or suitable to fulfill our objectives.

It´s a time of action, of getting started with all our might, of willing to learn and acquire new knowledge that we hope will help us when we put it into practice in the near future.

Getting active is very important indeed, but being constant is foremost! It´s always good to try first, to get as much info ahead as possible before making the final decision to go for one course, teacher, school, etc or another…

In some cases you have deadlines to enroll, in others you can join in late, but please, try first! Ask to do so!  It´s ok to choose wrong if you can amend it but, if possible, always make sure it´s the best for you before you commit. Please don´t continue with something you know won´t take you far… xxx… More next week



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