Comments from my students

What do you think about my teaching?

This is what my students think of me
Esto es lo que opinan mis alumnos de mí


10 thoughts on “Comments from my students”

  1. Miren se implica en el aprendizaje del alumno, consiguió mantenerme y aumentarme la motivación para que no perdiera el interés en el inglés. Clases dinámicas, entretenidas, donde la base de todo es hablar y hablar en inglés.
    Gracias Miren

    Me gusta

  2. Miren always try to improve the level of every student. She is exigent and hardworker, then you have to follow her method and you will achieve your goal. This is the challenge, hardwork and improvement.

    Me gusta

  3. Hi Miren!,
    Un encanto de mujer y profesora, intenta buscar una manera entretenida y divertida para aumentar el interés por el ingles. Se preocupa por los intereses y gustos de sus alumnos y sus clases son muy dinámicas. Gracias a ella mi nivel de ingles mejoró bastante, sobre todo el speaking! Una pena no poder seguir este año. Muchas gracias Miren.
    Un beso

    Me gusta

  4. Hey Miren, what did you think? That had I forgotten my favorite teacher? nooooo
    The year I studied with you was the year that I improved with English, but the year I least work cost me doing it…8-)
    Bye Miren

    Me gusta

  5. Hi Miren! How is it going? What I remember most about you as a teacher is your commitment and concern about your students. It seemed that our goals were yours too. Undoubtedly, your English lessons went beyond grammar, vocabulary, expressions, pronunciation, etc… I remember our conversations full of interesting topics related to education and politics, mainly. I must recognise your help was essential to achieve my English certificate, apart from discovering a new way to enjoy English. Good luck in your futher projects.

    Me gusta

  6. I fondly remember your classes. Your methodology helps me to improve on English, especially on my conversación skills.
    On the other hand, your blog seems to me an interesting learning tool that, without doubt, I will visit more frequently.

    Thanks for everything!

    Me gusta


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